The Ultimate Choice of Supreme Quality Eco Bags


Karubangla Bags is one of the leading Non Woven Bag manufacturer located just half an hour away from Dhaka International Airport, established with a purpose of producing and supplying eco-friendly and reusable bags to replace disposable plastic bags. We are supplying superior quality eco bags at a very competitive price.

We produce non woven bags in different options of design and color. As a non woven bags manufacturer, the company also offers you the added benefits of its expertise with advanced printing technology. Corporate gifts can be printed with complete branding of logo, name of company or product or service, along with any of your slogan or message. We can ensure your brand is alluringly visible and catches plenty of eyeballs with greater appeal. So it can be an extended marketing tool for you – through these classy non woven shopping bags.

Non woven shopping bags have brought down a smart replacement for the nuisance of plastic bags that are serious threat to our very own planet. Although it is claimed that the paper bags are more generous to our environment but in terms of primary raw material of paper for instance half of the fiber used for paper today comes from wood/trees, strength and durability, reusability, shipping, storing, warehousing and consuming of natural resources etc. non oven bags are more kind and lesser harmful to our earth (please see why non oven bags).

Our products have already received overwhelm gratitude in the local market as well as by the European and Australian market. Apart from that, we have strategic plan to expand our business in the US, Canada and Midlist market within next 5 years. 60% of our total productions are currently going to international market around the globe.

We have brand new highly sophisticated full automatic machine along with a number of full time and part time well trained employees who are seamlessly powered and supported by our truly strategic management team and technicians with intelligent competencies and dynamic capabilities. We are working hard to make our product superior by using quality material, elegant design through multi folded quality control in order to anticipate with the requirements and cross the level of satisfaction of every single buyer.

Our Vision: Becoming most sustainable major eco bag manufacturer and supplier to all over the globe from Bangladesh.

Our Mission: We will deliver on-time, quality, cost effective bags for global market, ensuring that safety, integrity & sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.